About the Contents of Your Wedding Blog

It is very common for couples to start a wedding blog nowadays. It is mainly because it is very easy to do so these days. There are a lot of free services out there and you can easily create the blog even if you have not much knowledge on creating a website. You may wonder how you can create a wedding blog for free. As a matter of fact it is very easy to do so. There are a lot of companies and websites which provide free blog hosting services. What is even better is that you do not need to install the blogging software. You can just concentrate on posting different things about your wedding. Of course you may also consider creating your own blog without using the free services. It is also very easy for you to do so. A lot of hosting companies will provide very user friendly ways for you to install the blog software. You will be able to start your own blog without any difficult. What is actually difficult when you are creating your wedding blog is deciding what you should write. Actually, you can blog about everything you encounter when you are planning for your wedding. This is the essence of starting your wedding blog. You will be trying to share all the emotions when you are planning for the event. In fact, one of the advantages of creating a wedding blog is that you can use the blog as a platform to inform your guests regarding the wedding plan. It is even more important if you are planning for a destination wedding since your guests may need more information about the destination. In the case of a destination wedding, you may also need to prepare the air tickets for your guests. Again, you will be using your wedding blog as a platform to gather information about that. You may require guests to leave a message in your blog so that you can arrange the air tickets and accommodations. Besides, you may also give your guests some useful information such as points of interest and transportation in the destination. Your guests will find your blog very useful if you can do so. Your wedding blog is not only for your guests to read. People who are surfing on the web can also read it. Of course this will include all other couples. You will be sharing your experience of wedding planning in your blog with all other brides and grooms. You can also read the wedding blogs of other couples so that you can learn from them. The point here is that no one will be experienced in wedding planning unless you are a wedding planner yourself. As a result, it will be a good idea for couples to learn from one another. From the above you should probably know what you should write in your wedding blog. Have you started your blog yet? If not, you should do it as soon as possible so that you can share more with the others.

Writing A Wedding Invitation Blog To Include In Your Wedding Invitations

Blogs have skyrocketed in popularity, with CEOs, teenagers, and even grandmothers blogging about their lives and interests. Why not write a wedding invitation blog to connect with your guests, keeping everyone updated on your wedding progress? Even after the wedding bells have tolled, you will have a lovely “diary” of all the moments and decisions leading up to your special day. Why Write a Wedding Invitation Blog Getting married is one of the most important life events you will experience, and keeping track of all the moments is equally important. One way to chronicle your wedding planning process is to start a wedding invitation blog. You should begin this prior to sending out your wedding invitations, perhaps closer to sending save the date announcements, so that guests can access it for travel information and keep up with your wedding plans as well. Another great reason to write a wedding invitation blog is if you are planning a destination wedding or if you expect mostly out of town guests. For a destination wedding, it is a great idea to upload photos of your wedding destination, as well as accommodation and activity information. For a wedding where you expect many out of town guests to attend, a wedding invitation blog can serve much the same purpose and showcase your area, wedding location, as well as provide practical travel details in an easily accessible format. By including links to travel information on your wedding blog, you can forego enclosing this information in your wedding invitation. This will ostensibly cut down on cost and postage – just don’t forget to include your blog URL in the invitation with a note to guests regarding it. Wedding Invitation Blog Tips and Ideas A blog is not usually a one-sided journal, but an ongoing conversation. Invite your guests to comment and respond, creating a dialogue that keeps you engaged with your guests. You should also upload photos of you and your fiancé. You could display engagement photos, as well as photograph your planning trials and tribulations. Take photos of the wedding party trying on tuxes and dresses for your blog photo album. Include photos from your bridal shower so guests who were unable to attend can still enjoy seeing you. Don’t forget about short video clips. If you own a video camera and upload small scenes from various bridal events, your guests will feel included in the process. If you are hosting a destination wedding, get guests excited by including beautiful photos from your destination. If you make a trip to both visit and finalize wedding plans, document this on your wedding invitation blog through photos and video clips. You might even succeed in convincing a few waffling guests to make their plans to attend. Whether you go all out and include numerous photos and video clips or keep it simple with pertinent travel and wedding information, your guests will enjoy participating in your progress to the aisle, and your blog will give you an invaluable keepsake.

Planning Your Wedding Location and Organizing Team

Most couples have full-time jobs or you may live in one destination and plan to marry in another – all of these leaves little time to plan your wedding. Whether it is a fairytale party or a beach affair, a planner can dedicate time needed to attend to every detail including venue locations, booking suppliers, managing the budget, gift lists and picking up dresses. A wedding planner can offer independent advice and support to help defuse tricky family situations and make it a fun experience for you and your loved ones. What can a wedding planner do for me? Here are a few duties you can expect from your planner:

  • Plan the wedding of your dreams. They will source for the venue, vendors, themes and music for your celebrations.
  • Create a budget sheet and keep track of your bridal finances.
  • Suggest vendors that fit your budget and ideas.
  • Create a planning schedule to highlight things to do.
  • Save your money because of their industry connections.
  • Take care of any emergency that should arise.

What type of packages do wedding planners have? Each wedding planner differs from the packages they offer; here are some of the most common packages:

  • Consultation & planning only: This is lie a mini-wedding planning course, best taken at the beginning of your planning. The coordinator will not be at your wedding but will teach you the skills to plan your own day. Some will charge by the hour, others by the meeting. You can book one meeting only or go back as many times as you like.
  • Coordination only: You will have the wedding planner at your wedding and a consultation a month prior to the wedding. But, all bookings, sourcing and concept development will be done but the couple. For the couple who wants just an extra helping hand on the wedding day, this package is suitable.
  • The Full Works: Consultation and planning are only the baby steps in planning a wedding; the hard part comes with the execution. Here the coordinator will guide you from the planning, right until you leave for your honeymoon. But, remember a coordinator is here to guide and orchestrate but not take over.

Will the planner be with me throughout my wedding day? Depending on the package you take, the planner will be there from early morning – with the makeup artist – all the way to your banquet celebration. Most planners will have a team of people to coordinate, organize and execute the entire flow of the event from the lights to the music, from the flowers to the shoes.

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